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4 Christmas traditions originating from Germany

Going to the Christmas market, decorating the Christmas tree, making gingerbread houses are traditions believed to originate from Germany. Many activities and customs of the Christmas season in Germany have been introduced and spread to many countries around the world. Mannequin of chestnut clamp The …

5 things tourists love in Vietnam

According to Canadian tourist Matthew Pike, in Vietnam there are many beautiful beaches, cheap food, hospitable people and meaningful traditional New Year’s Day. Matthew Pike spent some time in Saigon. According to him, Vietnam is one of the best destinations for foreign tourists and technology …

Clothes to bring when traveling Australia

From the long coast to the nightlife cities, the right outfit will help you have a more comfortable trip. Every year Australia welcomes more than 9 million tourists. Some travelers like cities, while others choose popular islands and beaches. Here are some tips to prepare …

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