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10 best Vietnamese food list that you must try once

After the visit of President Obama and Chef Anthony Bourdain Vietnamese food is promoted, America is increasingly interested in Vietnamese cuisine. Recently, the reporter CNN (America) has created a list of 10 dishes can not be missed when talking about street food in Vietnam.

CNN commented: “The place to enjoy cheap and delicious Vietnamese cuisine is nothing but outdoor markets. Here, almost every store sells only one item, and is the traditional essence food preserved by women through generations. Are you ready to pull a plastic chair and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine? “

1. Pho

An indispensable dish when talking about Vietnamese food is Pho. Going along any street in Vietnam, you will most likely encounter a crowd of noodles at a sidewalk pavement. This simple dish is made from noodles, salty water, herbs and a few slices of chicken or beef. Pho Viet Nam is cheap, tasty and can be served at any time of the day.


2. Bun Cha

CNN reviews, bun cha is the best choice to enjoy a lunch in Hanoi of Vietnamese food. The smoke of the shops along the way when they roast pork on the charcoal stove is the most characteristic point of the noodles. The pieces of meat, after being baked to a fire and brittle, will be presented with a bowl of sauce, a basket of raw vegetables and a plate of vermicelli. Vermicelli can also eat the same nem crab dish very attractive. That is what Mr. Obama once enjoyed with chef Bourdain in Hanoi.

BUn Cha

3. Banh Mi

This popular dish has been praised by foreign journalists such as The Guardian, National Geographic, BBC and Tripadvisor. Fodor’s Travel in America in 2016 offers 20 of the world’s best street Vietnamese food, with Vietnamese bread topping the list. Dishes vary from person to person, but the most popular are breads with roasted pork, cucumber, raw vegetables, pickles, pate and sauces. Ho Chi Minh City is the place to be consulted with the best sandwiches.

Banh Mi

4. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is one of the dishes of Vietnam to attend the 2016 Street Food Festival (WSFC) held in Manila, Philippines, in 2016. According to CNN, this is one of the top street food favorites in the Philippines. 2016, and continue to be attractive dishes of 2017. Banh xeo is a specialty of the West, but mixed with some features of the cuisine of the South. In addition to seafood, meat, herbs, shell must be fried in a clay mold on the new delicious pink stove. This is one of the most delicious Vietnamese food that any traveler should try.

Banh xeo

5. Cha Ca

Patricia Schultz has brought La Vong fish dish to “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”. After that, American news agency MSNBC has reduced and set Cha Cha La Fish restaurant in the fifth position in 10 places should know before dying along with 9 famous places in the world. Today, in Hanoi, many brands of fish are also popular with tourists such as Thang Long fish fry, Anh Vu fish fry, Lao Ngu fish fry … Try this Vietnamese food then you won’t never regret.

Cha Ca

6. Goi Cuon

This is one of only two Vietnamese dishes to appear on CNN’s list of the world’s best 50 dishes in 2011, also known as nem rolls. Later, many travel consultants such as Roughguides also introduced to visitors. Considered the most famous dish in Vietnam, spring rolls shaped like spring rolls, including green vegetables, minced pork, shrimp or crab. Some places also serve with lettuce or basil. Vietnamese food is amazing and fresh that you can taste all in this dish.

goi cuon

7. Bun Bo Hue

In an episode of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” on CNN, the famous American chef says, “Hue beef noodle is the best soup in the world.” Asian record company also put Hue beef vermicelli into the top 100 Asian dishes in 2016. This is popular dish popular Hue. Ingredients include pork loin (pork), a piece of boiled boiled eggs, a crab meat ball or crayfish, especially spicy specialty. This Vietnamese food has different taste from Pho so don’t hesitate to try it even you already have Pho.


8. Cao Lau

Hoi An (Hoi An), voted by Travelers (Australia) as the best street food in Asia. This dish is also repeated CNN is one of the best dishes in Vietnam. Dishes are sold in the sidewalk, in the alley. High floor is a dish of yellow noodles served with shrimp, pork and vegetables. This high floor is like Quang noodles are served with very little broth. Actually, you can find this Vietnamese food anywhere in Vietnam, especially in the Central. But I highly recommend you to try it in Hoi An. In Hoi An, there is a restaurant that has served this dish for years. There, you can taste the original Cao Lau in an ancient atmosphere of Hoi An.

Cao Laau

9. Mi Quang

This is one of 12 Vietnamese dishes recognized Asian culinary value. Roughguides, when suggested 10 dishes to try in Vietnam has introduced this dish is not to be missed in the Central. Ingredients for making Quang noodles include rice noodles, chicken, pork, fish, shrimp, eggs and lots of raw vegetables. The first time I had this Vietnamese food was in Da Nang. One of my friend is local and he guided us to the best restaurant of Mi Quang in Da Nang. And I would say that, from then I still can’t find the better Mi Quang and I always come back there to have a bowl when I go to Da Nang.

Mi Quang

10. Com Tam

This is very easy to eat and meet in Saigon, eat at any time of the day. The soul of this dish is the sauce mixed with sweet paste, sweet, delicious rice is ribs. Not to be noted such as noodle soup, bun cha, fish balls … broken rice is actively bloggers share such an interesting experience when discovering the cuisine of Saigon. This is one of the most common and local Vietnamese food you Southern people.

Com Tam

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