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5 things tourists love in Vietnam

According to Canadian tourist Matthew Pike, in Vietnam there are many beautiful beaches, cheap food, hospitable people and meaningful traditional New Year’s Day.

Matthew Pike spent some time in Saigon. According to him, Vietnam is one of the best destinations for foreign tourists and technology professionals. Here is a share on Culture Trip, a travel site about what he loves about this S-shaped strip of land.

Cheap food

In developed countries, the price of healthy food is often higher than fried, high-sugar, and canned foods. For example, a salad box costs twice as much as a pizza. However, in Vietnam, healthy food is affordable. To buy a bag of large fruits, you usually only take 5 USD.

People like foreign tourists to travel

Today, many tourists come to Vietnam and even stay to work and live. If you tell people that you like to stay here, they will feel proud, because it is a signal that the country is gradually developing.


In Vietnam, most people use this two-wheeler to get around. Although a bit dangerous, riding a motorbike feels free and generous. If you do not know how to drive, you can use a motorbike taxi to go.

Rainy days

Matthew shared that, he liked heavy rains in Vietnam. At that time, he would lie down on the bed, read a book and listen to the rain outside. However, the thing he liked the most was the feeling of being lazy and ignoring all plans because of a heavy rain.


Coffee in Vietnam can help you quickly awake despite being tired, tired from the hot weather outside. When the air humidity is high and everything becomes wet, you just need to add ice to coffee to regain working energy.

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