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Best destinations in Vietnam that make your trip

mekong delta

Referring to Vietnam many foreign tourists often think of the war. But thanks to the nature endowed with cool year-round climate, many beautiful beaches, unique natural landscapes of Vietnam have changed and are becoming a quite popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Here are the top best destinations in Vietnam which attract foreign tourists according to Skyscanner:

1. Mekong Delta

Mekogn delta

The Mekong Delta is a part of the Mekong Delta with an area of 39734 km² formed from the accretion of fertile alluvial layer, over a relatively long time creating sand dunes along the shore. With its geographical characteristics, the Mekong Delta becomes Vietnam’s largest rice bowl, an interesting and attractive eco-tourism destination, which has become a place visited by many tourists from different countries. This place becomes new and exciting points to enjoy the unique, attractive and delicious dishes of this area. Coming to the Mekong Delta, visitors will enjoy, experience the wild life. Especially, this one of the best destinations in Vietnam might surprise some visitor strange with the tourists from the countries where this type of tourism doesn’t exist.

2. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)


Ho Chi Minh City is the pioneer for our country’s development, the earliest receiving place of the economy with modern technologies applied in Vietnam. With the skyscrapers of busy technology zones, this is one of best destinations in Vietnam which attract many foreign tourists to Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is the combinations of traditions and modern things. There are with many skyscrapers built among various attractive French architectures The nightlife is so bustling and attractive that many people call Saigon is the city without sleep. Many works with modern entertainment areas attract many ages , many bustling shopping centers, ancient villas in the heart of bustling developed city, with many famous near Ben Thanh markets, walking Pham Ngu Lao street, enjoying the great taste of coffee Welcome morning, cruise by Saigon River, then back to Can Gio Beach. All these things make the distinctive characteristic of Saigon. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious and rich cuisine when coming to this place, a list of attractive food and drinks are waiting for you. You can find amazing dished in the street, but the most recommended place is wet markets. Hope you enjoy your trip to one of the best destinations in Vietnam.

3. Ha Giang

Ha Giang – a northern province of Vietnam, is favored by nature, giving you many advantages, especially eco-tourism. Ha Giang has been and continues to receive many visitors to this place. With the majestic landscape of terraced fields imbued with national identity of the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam, Dong Van Stone Plateau is a tourist destination attracting many tourists. Coming to Ha Giang, you can not ignore the beauty of the flower field with aqua purple in October. During this time, this place is immersed in a vast purple color that brings poetic and romantic beauty. In the new year, the beauty of 23 ethnic groups live together; season of pouring water on terraced fields is worn on a new coat. The season of ripe yellow rice is spreading in the wind on terraced fields at Hoang Su Phi; Season of plum flowers, Cabbage flowers, Peach blossom flowers, do not ignore the beauty of Dong Van stone plateau with 80% of limestone exposed, lasting hundreds of years. These features make this place become the best destinations in Vietnam. And, tourists are always impressed by Ha Giang.

4. Da Nang

Da Nang

Da Nang – is one of the largest commercial centers of the country and is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, the North is “the most majestic heaven” with Hai Van Pass, on the side West is the famous Ba Na tourist area and the largest amusement park in Fantasy Park in Southeast Asia. In the northeast is the Son Tra peninsula with primeval forest, along with the scenic Marble Mountains in the southeast. Da Nang has a system of temples, shrines and churches designed in the architectural style of the West … with the typical Cham Sculpture Art Museum in the city with the largest scale in Vietnam on displaying values of Cham people. Danang becomes more fanciful and poetic in the lights when the night falls of the Dragon Bridge, fanciful across the Han River. And, with this beauty, no one can deny that it’s one of the best destinations in Vietnam. Danang is home to many major competitions: the International Firework Competition is held continuously since 2008, opening the international parachute contest, bringing together the entertainment activities of the sea. This is an interesting destination for visitors. Besides various interesting festivals, you can’t miss the beaches here. Beaches in Da Nag are wonderful and beautiful.

Here are some best destinations in Vietnam. It can be said that this list must be prolonged, but before knowing others destinations, you should visit all above.

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