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Flight attendant reveals tips to avoid getting sick while flying

Drinking enough water, avoiding coffee, alcohol and remember to bring wet paper on the plane are the top tips, helping flight attendants ensure health.

If you’re tired after an hour-long flight, you may be wondering how your crew members can stay healthy despite flying regularly. Here are some tips of the flight attendants to avoid getting sick at work.

Always drink enough water

Taylor Strickland, chief flight attendant of Alerion Aviation said she was only ill once during her career. Her secret is to drink “a ton of water” when flying. “Your body loses water as it flies, so it becomes weaker and more vulnerable to bacteria attack,” Taylor said. Similarly, Lauren Guilfoyle, an Emirates Airline crew member, said she used to buy a liter of water before every flight and drink it during the journey.

However, passengers should void faucets, coffee and tea served on board. According to a 2015 study on water quality on board, water bottles are the environment for microorganisms to grow. Passengers should request bottled or self-prepared water.

Use wet paper to wipe your hands

Wet wipes or wet wipes not only help you clean your hands, but also remove some germs. In addition to wet towels, Guilfoyle flight attendants also maintain hygiene by using moisturizing sprays or applying argan oil to the face.

Supplements that support the immune system

Strickland is one of many flight attendants who use supplements to support the immune system. She said always keeping them on board as a precaution. “It was great that they created small packages for easy carry. People even made marshmallows,” Strickland said.

Surface disinfection of aircraft

Because many parts on the plane are not clean, you need to do this yourself. Strickland always carries packages of travel disinfectant wipes. During each flight, she would use them to wipe as much as possible. Passengers can learn this trick to clean their seats.

Never leave food directly on the table

You have been careful to bring your own antibacterial wipes and clean the table, but it is safer not to put food directly on it. “The dirtiest part on the plane is the tray tables. Passengers are constantly leaning their heads to sleep, changing diapers for babies or putting their feet on it,” a JetBlue flight attendant said.

Drink juice

Strickland is a fan of different juices, incorporating many ingredients such as ginger and lemon. “Most people think they’re a trend, but help me get the nutrients for the journey,” she said.

Try to relax and relieve stress

Certainly, stress is related to health, so flight attendants try to stay away from it when possible. Guilfoyle often uses a few lavender essential oils to relax the body.

Avoid caffeine

It’s tempting to have a cup of coffee before flying early. However, Guilfoyle advises people to stay away from coffee and alcohol because they are the cause of dehydration. She suggests people should drink fruit juices instead.

Do exercise

Guilfoyle shares, whether you fly a lot or not, regular exercise helps your body stay healthy when you have to travel. She maintains a healthy lifestyle so her body can cope with physical requirements at work or constantly changes of the time zone. “We often experience changes in our biological clock. Uneven sleep or long-distance flight can affect our health. Therefore, a good diet and regular exercise will help the body maintain. at an optimal level, “she said.

However, flight attendant Sofia Jones advised passengers not to go to the gym immediately after landing. “It ‘s no good to force your body to function when it’ s not getting enough rest, dehydration and not adjusting to the new time zone.”

Sleep in flight

This is not the flight attendant’s choice, but taking a nap in flight can help you stay energetic and avoid jetlag. That’s why Heather Sanchez, a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant, advises colleagues to bring sleeping pillows, noise-canceling headphones or eye masks.

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