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Best things to do in Vietnam for perfect vacation

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Vietnam is always the attractive destination in Asia. Every year Vietnam attracts lots of international tourists. With the diversity of landscape, they never get bored with Vietnam even some have traveled to Vietnam several times. However, besides of visiting around the country like normal travelers, there are lots of different things that tourist can do to deeply explore Vietnam. Here are things to do in Vietnam that you can sort out your time to do.

1. Halong Bay cruise overnight

The first one in the list of things to do in Vietnam is enjoying one night on cruise in Halong Bay. In Ha Long now there are hundreds night service ships on the bay and along with a lot of different service style so to have a comfortable, safe and happy trip you can refer to the following suggestions to select the maximum value of night trip on Halong Bay.

Budget: If you have generous budget and often use high-end services, do not hesitate to opt for a reputable, high-quality, award-winning fleet.

5 * cruise: This is the most advanced and comes with the price is not cheap. The following are some of the 5 * worthiest ships on Ha Long Bay: Paradise Luxury; Au Co; Star Light; Victoria Star … usually costs from: 3.200.000 – 3.500.000 VND / 01 people) This price is only applicable for summer (winter much higher price)

4* cruise: Syrena; Emeraude; Paloma; Emotion; Bhaya, Dragon Pearl, Calypso … are excellent representatives of the 4 * line of night service in Halong Bay. Reference prices range from 2,500,000 – 2,900,000 VND / 01 adults, this price is only applicable for summer (winter is much higher price). This cheaper cruise will help you to enjoy things to do in Vietnam.

3* cruise: This line of ships has the most fishing fleet involved in the most prominent of which is the ship: V’spirt; Oriental Sails; Huong Hai; Phoenix; Golden Lotus Garden; Aclass … those ships are the 3rd line * loyal and the best quality. Reference prices range from VND2,000,000 – VND1,300,000 per adult. This price is only applicable for summer (winter is much higher)

Halong bay cruise

2. Things to do in Vietnam – Street food

Vietnam street food is very famous in the world.With the tasty flavor, varied recipes, Vietnam street food is utterly one of things to do in Vietnam. You will fall in love with them right away. In every street of Vietnam you can find street food. But the best place for this is in local wet markets. There are some popular dishes that you should try The cuisine of street food in Vietnam is the most “thumb” that most probably pho. Pho is a traditional dish of the North. Just walk along the streets of the big city, where you can also find street noodle shops.

Other dish listed in things to do in Vietnam is Bun cha. It is hard for us to forget that former US President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain have been enjoying the noodle soup, a familiar street food of the Vietnamese people, in delight and satisfaction.

If pho is always considered as breakfast, bun cha is the number one choice of lunch of the capital. Vermicelli consists of grilled meatballs served in sweet and sour water. The way to eat noodles is to noodles and vegetables dipped in the broth served with meat. Bun noodle mix creates an irresistible attractive flavor.

street food

3. Sapa

Sapa is really famous for its rice terraces and the diversity of ethnic culture. You will never forget the feelings that this land brings to you and you also want to come back again. That’s why Sapa is one of the best things to do in Vietnam. Autumn is the most pleasant weather in Sapa, the weather is cool, there is a little sunshine, a little breeze se se, all the sultry summer has vanished. That is when the terraces on the mountains in Sapa are wearing a new shirt brilliant. The ripe rice fields mixed with the green fields, like the blue carpet, gold weaving earth and let them blend together like that.


4. Vietnamese beaches – things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam has a long coastline which creates the diversity of sea view and marine life in Vietnam. You can enjoy the beach from north to the south of Vietnam which has different characteristics. Phu Quoc Island: Located off Kien Giang Province, Ngoc Phu Quoc Island is a favorite destination for visitors who enjoy the tranquility, tranquility and pristine beaches of pristine beaches, pristine forests, fountains clear, cool. To Phu Quoc, in addition to bathing, walking in the night market, explore the famous pearl oyster companies, you can also visit the scenic spots such as Dinh Cau, Sao beach, Long beach, forest sim , pepper garden, fish sauce production base. Enjoying fresh seafood, visiting Phu Quoc prison is also a must for your trip.

Otherwise you can come to Con Dao: Located off the coast of Vung Tau and known as “hell on earth”, Con Dao has become a “paradise resort” with domestic and international tourists.

Vietnam beaches

5. Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town of Vietnam where you can admire the elegant mixture of architecture from Japan, China, French. This destination is one of things to do in Vietnam. Hoi An ancient town is always ranked first in the list of tourist destinations in Vietnam for many reasons. This small town is an intersection of East-West culture; is the combination of the essence of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, European in both the cuisine, architecture, to the traditions of the local people. Along with nature charming, convenient location, Hoi An tourism is always chosen by many visitors when crossing the central land strip.

Hoi An

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