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Prohibitions in Singapore make visitors come first to see strange

Feeding pigeons, and accessing to other’s wifi, which are seemingly normal actions, could cause visitors to be fined in Singapore. Understanding the laws in the visiting countries can help visitors avoid unnecessary troubles and punishments. Here are the prohibitions that you should remember when visiting Singapore-the lion island nation.

Sell ​​chewing gum

The ban on selling chewing gum is one of the rules to ensure the cleanliness of the island nation. According to Culture Trip, the penalty for chewing gum here can be up to 100,000 SGD (1.6 billion) or 2 years in prison. However, the government still allows circulation and use of some medical sweets.

Connect to someone else’s wifi

According to Business Insider, connecting to other people’s wifi without permission is considered a violation of the law. Visitors can face a fine of up to 10,000 USD or 3 years in prison for this seemingly normal act.

Bring durian to public transport

Durian is an attractive fruit for many people, but it can also cause trouble for others. Therefore, the Singapore government issued a ban on carrying this fruit when traveling on buses or trains.

Entertainment fireworks

Fireworks is a popular entertainment activity in many countries around the world. However, the freedom to use firecrackers in Singapore was banned in 1970, after the fire caused many injuries and deaths. Today, the country only performs fireworks during the festive season. Visitors can come here on the National Day of Singapore 9/8 to witness this magnificent and elaborate performance.

Sell ​​alcoholic drinks after 10pm

Since 2015, Singapore has banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in public places from 22:30 to 7:00 the following morning. This rule came into being after the riots that took place in the Race Course Road caused by drunkards in 2013. Except for restaurants with permission, places that violate the regulations could be fined up to 10,000 SGD (equivalent to 167 million VietnamDong).

Not flushing after using the toilet

Flushing the toilet after use is a minimum courtesy in any country. However, Singapore has a separate law to remind people and visitors about this simplicity. The penalty for not flushing public toilets can be up to 150 SGD (VND 2.5 million).

Nude in the house

Nudity in public or indoors without adequate cover is considered a nuisance. If reported in a nude situation, visitors may be fined up to 2,000 SGD (VND 33 million) or 3 months in prison.

Feeding the pigeons and flying kites in public

In Singapore, throwing a piece of leftover bread for pigeons or feeding them can cause visitors to be fined 500 SGD (over 8 million VND). In addition, people flying kites or organizing games that interfere with public transport will be fined up to 5,000 SGD (VND 83 million).

Walking through the road

For many visitors, this may seem strange but walking in Singapore may result in a fine or imprisonment. However, the law only applies to those who go outside the 50 m mark when crossing the street. In the first time, the violator is fined 20 USD in place, sometimes up to 1,000 USD or 3 months in prison. This penalty will double to $ 2,000 and six months in the second offense.

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