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Sapa Trekking All You Need To Know Before Setting Off

Fansipan mount

For trekking to conquer Fansipan successfully, requires the climber to prepare well both physically and mentally.

Physical requirements, the climber must have good health, endurance. If anyone has a medical condition, we recommend that you postpone or choose a safety cable for yourself and the group. Because the climbing path is very dangerous in trails, cliffs, temperature differences, and there is no immediate rescue team, it is very dangerous for climbers. Fansipan trekking.

In spirit, climbers have to understand the characteristics of mountainous terrain and prepare the psychological stability, willpower and determination to face all challenges if encountered. Avoid climbing to the halfway dreaded to not dare to further affect the people accompanying.

1. What time should you have Fansipan trekking?

Nature and scenery Hoang Lien Son very beautiful. However, if you go carefully, you should choose the dry season (from October to early November, or from March to early April) to avoid rainy mountain rains and slippery cliffs difficult to climb. Although you have chosen the dry season, you should definitely watch the weather forecast before scheduling, even scheduled on the right rainy days (although you have seen the weather forecast), it is best to delay the trip. travel or switch to take the cable car to avoid danger.

2. How to trek Fansipan?

Trecking Phanxipang: There are 3 popular arcades, but depending on the season, the organizers allow the way to go.

3 supply lines in increasing difficulty:

Tram Ton – Tram Ton: (lowest difficulty level)

Sin Chai – Thang Ton: (Moderate Difficulty)

Cat Cat – Reservoir: (Highest difficulty level) Things to prepare: Trecking conquered Fansipan should hire Porter. The climb has many turns and it’s the same, so if you go it will be easy to lose. I find renting Porter very convenient: – Cost is not expensive

– They know each other so they carry heavier than themselves. I just need to carry personal items that have already lavish. Hire them to carry their rice, vegetables, and meat to their vacation spots for cooking. Very nice

– Just climb

3. Sapa Trekking – Essential tips

3.1 . Group should go at least 5 people, should not go all-girl group to ensure safety.

3.2. Have health and endurance. No illness or health problems. Before going to exercise so that your body is familiar with the activity. Otherwise, climbing or muscle pain, swelling of the legs, feet.

3.3. Costumes: – Ball is about 4.5 kg. Water proof. There are layers where the abdomen adjoins the abdomen with the upper abdomen to minimize the weight of the back to the back. Plus it’s easy to move.

– Footwear: Footwear or footwear for trek because of legs and friction should have high grip, limited slippery when moving on smooth road or rock surface. Shoes should also have ankle in the case of foot slipping, will reduce the rate of foot twisted

Socks: About 2-3 pairs of cotton sweat easy to sweat, creating softness for the shoes, reducing pressure on the soles of the legs.

– Gloves: Gloves have rubber friction in the palm to increase grip when climbing.

– Clothes:

+ Pants: Wear elastic pants, medium length. The best is the bandeau trousers. This shop is very much pho. You spoiled sitting without worry or worn out much. hehe In addition, there are many pockets of ruffled trousers, so you can put some candy in there to get some food. Very convenient.

+ Clothes: sweat absorbent sweatshirt, lightweight jacket, thin to keep warm. Not absorb moisture. Medium length, elastic

– Towel: Should wear a thin towel – Very good use:

+ Head: Replacing the cap will be more compact, not caps.

+ Forced back: To compact people

Keep warm (Because in the forest, on the high so the temperature is very cold, if the cold, the towel keep warm very well)

+ Wash your face, wipe sweat.

– Flashlight + horn: Because walking in the trail, crossing a lot of terrain, the health of the team members should go to the station stopping off schedule is obvious. So a flashlight is essential. Horn to prevent lost, unable to call each other can be whistle to signal.

3.4. Snacks:

Remember to divide it into small pockets for easy access. Foods that provide energy such as dried food, candy, shrimp noodles, chewing gum to clear nasal passages.

3.5. First aid supplies, flu medicines such as tipfi, deconzen, gauze, cotton, urgo, becberin …

These are the shortest ones that are most useful for those who love adventure and want to try their hand trekking Fansipan.

If you want to join Sapa Fansipan tour from Hanoi, please contact us or visit here to explore more about Sapa.

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