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Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi full review

Sapa trekking is one of the most expected activities when I visit Northern Vietnam. For my first time of trekking, I booked a Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi. It was my unforgettable memories and worth trying. So if you feel curious about my journey, keep reading!

1. Where I found a Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi

I started my trip in Hanoi. This city if the capital of Vietnam, so you can find any services here. If you are looking for a travel agency which offers Sapa trekking tours, you should walk around Hanoi Old Quarter. And you can be overwhelmed and confused easily by the huge number of travel agency.

Don’t hesitate to stop at some and ask for a Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi. And don’t settle down with the first one you come. This is because different agencies give different prices and services for their tours. Just go around and find the best.

hanoi old quarter

I didn’t waste much time on finding out the tour organizer. My friend had recommended me the agency she traveled with last time. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the name of the address of this agency, but if you do want to know, email me!

Therefore, you can ask your friends who had joined in Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi about their experiences. Or you can look for on the internet. Visit some websites like Tripadvisor, booking,… to read through all reviews of customers.

One note for you is that can book Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi at your hotel. They also have daily tours available which you will join in group. However, if you book through your hotel, it’s difficult to get a discount.

2. When is the most time for Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi?

As far as I’m concerned, the most appropriate time for Sapa trekking is around the year except winter. Last time I came there in summer and I had really exciting Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi. Thanks to Sapa geography, even though there was a shining sun above my head, I didn’t feel too hot and soaked with my sweat.

I participated in trekking to Cat Cat village and walked through beautiful sparking rice terraces. I didn’t go for Fansipan trekking this time, but if you are going to visit Sapa don’t miss it like me. My Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi went quite well and I made lots of new friends.

sapa trekking tours

You guys also should book Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi for autumn. My guide told me that autumn, especially on September is the time when rice is ready to harvest and all paddy fields turn into sparkling yellow. There are no words to describe the beauty of rice terraces there. When I came last time they were still green so I did miss the most worthy moment of Sapa.

Actually, you can have Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi in winter. But for me no because I’m not good at dealing with the cold. And the temperature in Sapa in winter can be down below zero, which is quite dangerous for trekking.

3. How much do Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi cost?

In travel agencies, they mostly have tours of full day or 2 days Sapa trekking. The price vary from 60 to 70$ depending on services. Last time I booked a tour with 59$ for 2 day trekking only and I stayed at homestay in the tour. It was cheap for great experiences and excellent services. I recommend you to take Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi 2 days because one day trekking is really tired and you won’t get enough time to discover all.

With special tours like Fansipan trekking tours, the price might be 20 or 30$ higher. You can also book a trekking tour mixed with other destinations in Sapa or in different regions. And of course the price for this kind of tour may raise to more than 150$.

However, the last time I came there was 2 years ago, so I think the price for Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi will change a little. On the other hand, to have reasonable price don’t mind checking around various agencies as I said above.

4. How long for Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi is appropriate

In my experiences, if you want to trek around Sapa including Fansipan (or not), 2 days are enough. The first day you trek near destinations with low level of difficulty like Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village,… or you can trek through beautiful rice terraces then visit around Sapa town. It sounds not much, but believe me, you will be exhausted after the first day.

Sapa trekking tours

For the second day for Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi, you can trek Fansipan mount. Know more about Fansipan mount check this article. If not, you have a peaceful day to enjoy Sapa. You can go to town and find a coffee shop with panoramic view of the town or join with the family of your homestay to do farming or household chores.

You also have one day Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi. But it’s too rush if you want to enjoy and relax. But if you are on budget trip and only want to visit Sapa to get to know this land and have some adventure, one day trip is fine. But make sure you have enough stamina for this!

5. What you can get from Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi?

You might hear a lot about Sapa landscape: mountains, valleys, rice terraces,… But the thing that attracted me a lot is the culture of ethnic minority group in Sapa. Along the way of trekking, you will have chance to meet women from Hmong group or Dzao group. They dressed with colorful clothes and fancy jewelry. I was surprised that they could speak a very good English and be really friendly.

And if your Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi go to visit Cat Cat village, you can admire the ethnic architecture and well-preserved traditional crafts. This village seems maintain all its original traditions.

Another thing you should take into account is that Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi are really suitable for the beginners. Not too much mountains, not too much up and down and obstacles are the great terrain for newbie. You might hurt your muscles a little bit in the following morning, but it’s good for your health.

6. Tips to find prefect Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi

Choose the tour based on your purpose. If you look for beautiful sparkling rice terraces, you should arrange the trip in autumn. Or your goal is conquering Fansipan mount, check for the weather of this season for your safety.

As I said, check various travel agencies, websites or ask your friends to find the best one. You should travel with a reliable and experienced agency. They can deal with all of your demands and give you the best services.

Read carefully the itinerary they offer and tell the agency which detail you want to change. And follow the time of departure and leaving. And tell the agency in advance if you are few minutes late.

In general, book Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi is very convenient and easy. You don’t need to waste your time on arranging plan and other things. And you just have to pay small amount of money and enjoy the trip.

If you want to explore Sapa more, please click to see more

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