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Things you must do when visiting Sapa


Sapa is one of the famous destinations in northern Vietnam. This land attracts lots of tourists because of its exotic beauty as well as its cultural diversity. Although tourism has developed here for years, this land never loses people’s interest. Spring, summer, fall or winter, each season in Sapa offers you different beauty that you wish you can stay here a year to enjoy all the colors Sapa has. If you are planning to visit Sapa this winter, here are things to do in Sapa for you. You might think that walking around, taking pictures and admiring the sunset and sunrise of Sapa are enough. But, the answer is no.You need to know exact things to do in Sapa so that you can discover the hidden beauty of this land in the winter.

1. What you need to bring for the trip to Sapa in Winter

Clothes: It can be said that the winter in Sapa is much harsher and much colder than in the other places in the north, even snow. Therefore, bring the jacket is warm but must ensure that your package neat to facilitate the travel, explore Sapa. In addition, winter accessories such as gloves, wool hats, scarves, heating pads, etc. are also essential. Especially a waterproof boots will make you more comfortable playing with snow. Moreover, follow the weather forecast of Sapa before the trip is one you essential things to do in Sapa. Cosmetics: It sounds just to the ladies right? But you guys should also note that the cold winter of Sapa is also quite dry and sometimes sunny. So you should bring moisturizing creams or Vaseline to protect your skin. Also, preparing insect repellants is also a good thing. Money and identification: This is a natural gift when you start a travel trip. Before going, let’s calculate the cost of eating and sleeping to get the right budget.


2. Things to do in Sapa – interesting destinations

For every occasion crowded, Sapa city again immersed in the fanciful mist, the rooftops and snow covered trees. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the setting of a village in Europe right in Vietnam.

Fansipan peak: with altitude up to 3,143m compared to sea level, this is the place to elicit the adventurous love of every trip. Especially, with this height, this is the point where you can easily watch the first ice snow season of Sapa winter, because sometimes Fansipan peak snow but in Sapa is not. Conquering Fansipan in the winter is not a good idea because of the harsh weather. But, if you visit Sapa in the summer, this is one of things to do in Sapa. Don’t miss a chance to climb up to the Roof of Indochina or you can join tour sapa fansipan


Sapa villages: Ta Phin village is famous for its abandoned monastery, a unique ancient architecture of the Western style was built in the late 19th century, still retains its ancient moss style. Ta Van with immense terraced fields, is named one of the 20 most beautiful terraces in the world. Let’s me tell you why visiting villages in Sapa is one of things to do in Sapa. These villages offer you a great chance to discover the culture of ethnic minority in Sapa. You can visit their house, enjoy their typical food and drink.

Ham Rong: This place should not be missed when coming to Sapa in winter. Mist in the middle of the apricot blossom, the bamboo shoots in which are the brilliant dress of the ethnic groups in Sapa create a painting of water-based wear. Especially, here in the winter, the beautiful flower apricot is still shaken in front of the wind, chrysanthemum still bright yellow color, the depths of the purple still immense purple space between. This is the places you must visit in the list of things to do in Sapa not only because of its flowers but also its atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy the nature at maximum.

3. What you should eat at Sapa in the winter.

Sapa bbq

Hot pot: Sapa in winter, do not forget to try this. Sapa has salmon hot pot, hotpot or seven-course hot pot, or Thang Co, hot dish, with a sweet smell but very delicious, which once you try will remember forever special flavor get this. When visiting Sapa, you also do not forget to taste the fried vegetables, self-cultivation, no pesticides and growth drugs, very safe. Nothing is better than enjoying hot pot in the winter with your friends. That makes this dish become one of things to do in Sapa. Barbecue: This is a famous dish when traveling Sapa in winter. Dozens of stalls selling meat with corn, potatoes, cassava, just a basket and a charcoal stove, some three plastic chairs are there to enjoy the grill. Also, chicken eggs, roast duck, pig’s muse is also barbecue. Grilled chicken, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, tofu, baked tofu … There are hundreds of barbecue that within a week here is not enjoying it all. Each dish has a way to soak and make it. Eat many dishes at the same time you do not have the feeling of duplication and boredom. Along with hot pot, BBQ also brings you a warm winter in Sapa. But the factor makes it become one of things to do in Sapa is that BBQ in Sapa is more tasty than in any other places.

Here are things to do in Sapa in the winter so that you can have a perfect vacation in Sapa. The winter is coming, so don’t miss a chance to enjoy the winter in Sapa. If you want to explore more about Sapa, you can see more 

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