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Top 4 best places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia and this country never let tourists down. This country can indulge you in many ways. If you love history and are curious about the past, you will be amazed by Vietnamese history and tempt to understand more. If you are a gastronome, Vietnam will give you unforgettable street food and traditional dishes. And, if you fall in love with the nature, no place in the world is better than Vietnam for you to discover. Any region in Vietnam owns its own beauty that you might want to admire. But, you don’t have time to travel to every corner of Vietnam. So, let’s look the the list of best places to travel in Vietnam here. You can get what you want from these places such as beautiful view, amazing food and interesting activities.

1. Nha Trang beaches

Nha Trang

With more than 3,000 km of coastal lines, it is no surprise to say that Vietnam is one of the countries with the greatest marine tourism potential. There are countless beaches. Tired of sitting in passenger cars traveling along the central coast of Vietnam, tourists “backpackers” will be resurrected as soon as they are beautiful scenic sea. One of the ideal destinations for travelers is Nha Trang. Both day and night there are cruises to the sea, or on board cruise ships or fishing boats. In addition, the pace of life in Nha Trang is relatively young, the people here are used to the busy life at night. That’s why this destination becomes one of best places to travel in Vietnam. If Miami is one of the most famous coastal cities of America, Nha Trang is a “Miami of South East Asia”. Next to the beautiful beach, there are also small offshore islands that are suitable for adventurous visitors to scuba diving. Marine life in Nha Trang is very rich. To have fun holidays in Nha Trang is simple, in particular, the cost of tourism here is very cheap compared to other tourist destinations in the area.

2. Best places to travel in Vietnam – Mui Ne sand dunes

Mui Ne

Although you have fun at sea, you still should remember that Vietnam is not only white sandy beach but also sand dunes in Mui Ne, white sand dunes or orange red. Anyone who travels to Mui Ne before the beauty of the sand dunes here feels overwhelmed by the beauty of nature: The way to enjoy life when coming to Mui Ne is very simple, visitors will have the experience of an early childhood – jump, run, slide with sand. Perhaps you will think that you are in a desert somewhere in Africa but you are in Vietnam, a place that only takes a few tens of minutes, you have to go to the coast for surfing. The special sand dunes make this site become one of best places to travel in Vietnam.

3. Sapa rice terraces

Countries that have coastal lines also have beaches, but not every country has highlands, mountains and terraces as Vietnam. Travel sapa to watch the terraced fields beautifully fascinated The terraced fields in Sapa were manually “shaped” more than 2,000 years ago. So far, they have continued to be a source of food for ethnic minorities living in the mountains. These sparkling rice fields also the main attraction of Sapa toward foreign visitors. The choose Sapa as one of the best places to travel in Vietnam because they want to admire this amazing masterpiece of the nature and human. Visitors can explore these beautiful terraced fields by hiring a local resident to guide them on the climb. In addition, there is a “homestay” service available for visitors staying in their homes for a few days with their families – thanks to which visitors will have a memorable experience. You can click here to see more Tours of Sapa

4. Best places to travel in Vietnam – Ha Giang

Ha Giang

Not far from Sapa, Ha Giang is also a land is quite wild. For any photographer preparing for the trip Ha Giang always bring a lot of camera batteries, simply because the scenery here is so overwhelming that visitors always want to stop along the road to take pictures. The land of Ha Giang can make anyone who has gone through must also feel the beauty of the landscape is so majestic and dreadful.The most beautiful part of the journey and also considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world, is the connection between Dong Van and Meo Vac. Here, the roads are hard to go, up and down again slope but it is worthwhile to admire beautiful Ha Giang. This province is really famous as the best places to travel in Vietnam not only among domestic tourist but also foreign ones. It is interesting to see the children dressed in friendly ethnic saying “hello” the guests far. On the back of each child are the beautiful ladies. Men here are dressed in black clothes and black jackets, women in contrast, wearing colorful clothes and towels.

Here are top 4 best places to travel in Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss. In these places, you will understand the true beauty of Vietnam.

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