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Top recommended best places to see in Vietnam


The weather of autumn is changing to the winter, the cold weather in the beginning of the season would be much better than the heat and so much softer than the cold, chill. So you can not miss the cool and romantic moments of the season. Here are six winter tourist destinations where are best places to see in Vietnam that will help you catch the best cold season in Vietnam.

1. Hanoi

Winter destinations in Vietnam are indispensable in the list is Hanoi. At the end of the fall, the capital will move the colder weather with the first winds. For young people who have never known the cold sunrise with early morning mist, warm clothes, scarves and high boots, this should be the moment to have your first experience. At this time, the sun is not much, the light gray, the trees are assertive, deciduous leaves cool beauty, calm.


Talking about Hanoi cuisine, it’s said that the colder the better. Hanoians also choose seasonal dishes to match the weather and keep the body warm. The bowl of vermicelli, vermicelli, pho, porridge, delicious porridge or cup of hot coffee will make your winter warmer and more interesting. Thanks to the diversity of hot cuisine, Hanoi becomes one of the best places to see in Vietnam. You haven’t been in Hanoi, if you haven’t tried Hanoi food.

2. Moc Chau – Son La

The climate of Moc Chau plateau is cool all year round, early morning and late afternoon will always be cold, misty. However, in the last months of the year it will be much colder. And this weather really suits the scene of Moc Chau. This is a place famous for the vast tea hills, flower garden, raisins and white plum blossom flowers, freshly opened in the early morning. Tea is not only a key industry of this locality but also an ideal location for young people to hunt. Among them are heart-shaped tea huts, symbol of love and creativity of the workers at the tea plantations of Taiwan, Moc Suong tea, Tan Lap tea. In term of romantic view, no best places to see in Vietnam can beat Moc Chau At these locations, the virtual photos are more shimmering on a green hilltop landscape. Besides, the subtle fragrance of tea buds, the plum blossom will make your soul fly and optimistic between heaven and earth. In this beautiful plateau, you have a lot of great attractions such as Son Moc Huong, Orchid Garden, Plum and Strawberry at Ban Ang Ecological Area, Chien Vien Pagoda, Yomm Plateau, Phung Luong Peak.

3. Best places to see in Vietnam – Sapa

To enjoy the Vietnames coldness, we have to mention Sapa. Depending on the weather year after year, you may have the feeling of seeing snow and ice for the first time at the end of the year. Sapa, which is always submerged in the smog, the villages of ethnic minorities, the brocade cloth full of brilliant colors, the natural medicine and warm food heart. Trip to Sapa by motorbike, winding on beautiful bends along the mountainside and enjoy the cold wind, sometimes a bit of rain will make you remember not forget. However, at the end of the year, Sapa is very cold so you have to prepare your luggage with anti-cold lifts and warm gloves. You can enjoy the coldness of Sapa – one of the best places to see in Vietnam. Also, you can enjoy the hidden beauty of Sapa among the mist. You can take a Sapa motorbike full day tour to explore Sapa or visit asiamastertours.com

4. Ta Xua – Son La

The last months of the year is the most suitable time for you to go hunting clouds, get wind in Ta Xua. This place still retain many wild features in the landscape, so restaurants, restaurants, hotels are also limited. You should prepare some dry food or find a place to rest before starting the journey. Ta Xua town is surrounded by many mountain ranges, windswept, so that at noon is still cold, cloud is not melting, floating float gently. That is the magic scene that all visitors come here looking for. The highest mountain which is the best places to see in Vietnam is 2.865 m, ranked as the 10 most beautiful mountain in Vietnam should choose Ta Xua to travel to high mountains, enjoy the cold winter is wonderful. From the central junction of Ta Xua commune, turn right to Hang Dong, turn left to Xim Vang, the two best roads for hunting clouds. Do not miss any romantic bouquet to find the sea of clouds, beautiful irresistible irresistible. Winter travel will be more meaningful when it can be with friends to save memories.

5. Best places to see in Vietnam – Ha Giang

Being famous for its beauty in the north pole of the country, it is Ha Giang when the weather is prepared to winter. Still hills and mountains on high, Ha Giang all year round cool. The majestic beauty of the mountains, the simplicity from the terraced fields, the purity of flowers and mysterious winding road from the directions to the sky create the exotic Ha Giang. In addition, each season flowers, Ha Giang again put on their beautiful shirts color: October – 11 times the triangle flower bloom beautiful, from November to 12 is the time of the flower. Spring is the white plum blossoms.

Not only being the cold, Ha Giang is also home to many wonderful things from nature such as Dong Van stone plateau, Ma Phi Leng Pass, Quan Ba sky gate, Cat King Palace and flagpole. Lung Cu. You are spoiled for exploring every attraction here. Well, do not forget to enjoy the win and the corn wine in Ha Giang, the specialties will leave after a long time after this journey.

The list of best places to see in Vietnam will be lengthened more. But, before discovering other places, have you visited all above? If not, try now!

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