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Useful experiences for sapa vietnam hiking all you need to know


Around the world, the type of hiking tourism has long been popular. In Vietnam, about four years ago, hiking tourism has just started to develop thanks to nature lovers and active people. According to many Vietnamese and hiking foreigners, the topography and climate of Vietnam are especially suitable for those who want to travel and admire beautiful landscapes and combine health and spiritual training. And, one of the best places for hiking is Sapa. Here, you can discover exotic things and the ethnic culture which provokes your curiosity. Let’s see what you need for Sapa Vietnam hiking.

1. What you should bring along?

– Warm clothes, wading boots and jungle shoes, rainwear. Guests should wear tight clothing, water-resistant or if soaked in water, they must be dry quickly, otherwise it will be difficult to move. – Anti-squeeze shoe socks are essential in low-humidity areas. Clothes should have lots of bags for storage. Backpacks must also be good and do not absorb water to avoid the backpack will get heavier while the health of visitors is decreasing. This item is suitable for Sapa Vietnam hiking because you have to deal with wet and tough terrain in jungles.


– Backpacks should have belts to tighten on the back. Visitors also depend on the strength and difficulty of the trip, but choose the tools to bring. – Medications for colds, fever, diarrhea, antipyretics, antibiotics, bandages, red pills, vitamins, tonic and Snicker candy (a kind of candy that provides very high energy) are indispensable. Vaselin is also necessary to prevent cracking. – Food should be dry items such as bread, canned meat, shrimp, shrimp noodles and nutritious cakes. The route for Sapa Vietnam hiking is tough and long which requires you to have great physical strength and lots of energy. So, you should bring some food that helps you to get more energy. – Pay attention to carrying lots of … condoms! During adventurous trips, condoms have an important role because of their versatility: rewinding can make bloody styrofoam, when blown up into a phone case, microphone, music player, cameras, camcorders and can be used as buoys when meeting rivers and streams.

2. Things you should remember for Sapa Vietnam hiking

– One day, a person with normal walking capacity is about 12km to 15km. From that number, visitors can study the cadastral and topographic map of the planned area to plan the trip accordingly, calculate the distance traveled so that it is reasonable for humanity and prevent from falling into dangerous situations. Preview the weather forecast for preparation options. Prepare a referral if the hiking area is a border area or protected area with the management of specialized authorities. – Keep distance with your teammates to support each other in case of incidents, should not be separated, especially when crossing streams, crossing areas, walking on dangerous roads. Normally, if you go for Sapa Vietnam hiking in the good weather with easy route, the possible risks almost don’t exist. But, if you want to challenge yourself with tough routes and dangerous trials such as Fansipan, you really need to be careful and pay attention to your teammates. – When stopping, you should not remove your backpack, but use your backpack as a backrest. When you put down your backpack, it’s difficult for you to carry it on again. And, your body might refuse to put up with its weight. This is the basic and normal mechanism of your body. So, you should always help your body and your mind get used to with your heavy backpack. – Should go to the village to sleep at night, or you can sleep at a local house, or camp near people’s houses. Guests can also ask the locals to cook rice, buy food and vegetables for dinner. The weather in Sapa at night is super cold, so if you go for Sapa Vietnam hiking more than one day, you should ask locals for accommodation. You don’t want to build a tent and sleep outside. – In the case of camping in the middle of the forest, it is advisable to camp when it is still early, camp down next to the water source, the food for dinner must be prepared in advance, burning a large fire and maintaining the fire all night.


– When visiting a locality, tourists should immediately talk to the people. Each street will have its own characteristics of humidity, temperature and flora and fauna. It will help you to discover new trail or beautiful places that no one knows. In general, the goal of your Sapa Vietnam hiking is understanding and exploring Sapa. – The story of roadside accidents will be an experience for visitors to face the craggy, unsteady roads … while avoiding unintentional acts of desecration to indigenous people.

These useful information can help you enjoy your Sapa Vietnam hiking. So, why don’t you book flight tickets to Vietnam and start experience now. If you want to explore more about Sapa trekking tour, please click the site or more tours of Sapa at asiamastertours.com

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